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We Really Are Nothing Without Our Members





"As a former board member who helped with the switch to PORAC LDF, I think the LDF plan is the best benefit the CPPA provides for its members."


David Stassen


"It assisted me greatly in protection against frivolous IA complaints during my last time in Law Enforcement." "Keep up the great work."


Barry Rizk


"First of all was the legal defense fund, and not just any fund, but those provided were those who LEO's could trust to provide a law enforcement level of representation."


Jim Crone


“Named on a civil rights violations from another officers case. Dismissed in my official capacity quickly with the help of CPPA. The attorney assigned to me from the city's insurance company did not communicate with me at all. My CPPA attorney kept me update at every step of the process and even checked in with me after I was dismissed in my official capacity.”




“The attorney that I received through the Legal Defense Fund was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was able to assist me in handling the situation and I would not hesitate to call on her or the law firm again in the future if needed.”




“I have used the coverage twice for OIS. Both times the Lawyers contacted me by phone within an hour, and were in my jurisdiction (a four hour drive) within five hours, and speaking to me face to face. They listened to my recollection of the incident and helped me articulate my thoughts appropriately without leading me in my responses. They assured me they saw no anticipated issues, and when it was time to be interviewed by the detectives, I felt very confident in my position.  99% of the time, an officer needing this coverage did nothing wrong, knows they did nothing wrong, and simply needs to go through these formal steps as part of a bigger investigation to keep law enforcement honest. Don't feel personally attacked. Expect this procedure and appreciate its value to the investigation. DO NOT forego your protection you've already paid for because you think you're good. Allow them to help you prepare before speaking to anyone official about the case. Once that interview with the detective has happened, the statements you make cannot be taken back.”


Patrick Rice


"I was involved in an officer involved shooting. I called and an attorney responded and was present with me during my interview. There were no criminal charges against any officers only the suspect in this case was charged criminally. I was extremely pleased with my experience and the attorney was awesome. The attorney called and checked on me on three different occasions after my interview.”




“I totally get what I pay for, there are not caps and the coverage is phenomenal.”




"The CPPA provided me excellent legal coverage and a peace of mind during these difficult times.  The Association was more than a magazine subscription!  The CPPA provided training, shooting competitions, advice and most importantly friendship. After almost 40 years as a police officer I believe that every cop in Colorado should be a member of the CPPA."


Alex Ragulsky


"I am glad that CPPA was always there for me if I had needed it.  Kinda like a seat belt, you use it but hope you never need it."


Bill Schultze


"I would like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you at the CPPA office. I have been a member for almost 12 years and I truly appreciate all of the work you folks do on behalf of law enforcement officers. My career in law enforcement is continuing however it will not be in Colorado. I truly wish there was an organization even a fraction as dedicated and knowledgeable as yours in my new home state. Once again, thank you very much!"




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