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PORAC Legal Defense
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Colorado Police Protective Association

Legal Defense Fund 

Provided Through 




Peace Officers Research Association of California





Legal Defense Fund (PORAC-LDF)

  • The nation's largest and most successful Legal Defense Fund
  • Run by peace officers, for peace officers
  • Over 94,000 members; reserves of over $15 million
  • NO CAP on legal defense - the Fund has spent more than $1M on a number of cases
  • Panel of experienced attorneys, including Bruno, Colin, and Lowe P.C., in Colorado


To obtain Legal Defense Fund coverage, you must first join CPPA as a general member; go to the 'ABOUT US' tab and select 'JOIN' or scroll to the very top of this page and select 'JOIN' then follow the online procedures, after joining you will be prompted to join the Legal Defense coverage.  If you are already a member log in to the CPPA website, go to the 'LEGAL DEFENSE' tab and select 'CPPA LEGAL DEFENSE ENROLLMENT' then follow the online procedures.  Coverage begins within 24-72 hours of receiving your completed application. (After joining the LDF, plan coverage remains active until CPPA is notified in writing of cancellation, or member fails to pay required contributions within 31 days of due date, the CPPA may cancel your coverage, per our cancellation policy). *Please note-Tribal Police and Federal law enforcement officers with nationwide jurisdiction are not eligible for PORAC LDF membership through the CPPA.


LDF Coverage Description PDF


Plan Types
PLAN 1- (Full Coverage) PLAN 2 - (Partial Coverage)
PLAN 4 - (Reserves Only)




& Administrative

*Experience Rated


& Criminal Only

Civil, Criminal,

& Limited Administrative

Price (Monthly)
$51.00 $10.50
Price (Quarterly)
$153.00 $31.50
Price (Annually)
$612.00 (July Enrollment Only)

(You will be initially charged for 1st and last months LDF costs)


Administrative Discipline covers cases arising from an act or omission within the scope of employment. Legal representation will be provided in cases where administrative action has been brought against the participant arising from a specific incident involving Internal Affairs, Grand Juries, and Court Actions. Additionally, this representation covers administrative action brought against the participant involving Demotion, Transfer, Termination, and Suspension.

*Plan 1 is experience rated and can fluctuate annually based on member usage.  Members will be notified of rate increases or decreases at least 3 months before rate change takes affect.


Limited Administrative:

Representation in any departmental administrative investigation arising from an act or omission within scope of employment as a reserve Peace Officer.


Criminal covers cases arising from an act or omission within the scope of employment. Legal representation will be provided by an experienced criminal attorney, from the beginning of the investigation to the end of the trial. This benefit is available no matter what agency investigates, whether it is Local, State, Federal, or FBI.


Civil covers cases arising from an act or omission within the scope of employment. When your employer defends and indemnifies you, PORAC-LDF will provide an experienced attorney to monitor your case, the duties of which include answering questions regarding the case, reviewing the pleadings and discovery, watching for conflicts between you and your employer, and watching for inadequate representation. Additionally, if any of the following apply to your case, you will be provided with independent counsel by the LDF:

A legal conflict of interest between you and your employer
Inadequate representation by your employer
A considerable likelihood that punitive damages could be awarded against you
If your employer refuses to represent you for an act or omission within the scope of your employment

Customary and Usual Services:

Expert Witnesses
Court Reporters
Court Costs

PORAC-LDF Plan Documents PDF:

For a copy of the PORAC-LDF Plan Documents, CLICK HERE. Please note that although the Documents discuss deductibles and other such charges, CPPA members DO NOT have to pay them. Additionally, this document is printed for every member with PORAC, regardless of their plan, so if you have questions regarding which aspects apply to CPPA members, please call us!

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